Who are we

The Moroccan center for development initiatives in the fields of cinema, art and culture (CMID) has set itself the mission of organizing the Rabat-Comedy International Film Festival, as a cultural project that brings together film professionals around the best independent productions of comedy films from the world.

The team

Festival Steering Committee

Film Selection Committee

Public Relations and Communications Committee


4th edition program

The 4th edition of the Rabat-Comedy International Film Festival will be held from June 17 to 24, 2023. In this edition, the festival will present a selection of international comedy films for its short and feature film competitions. In addition, out-of-competition screenings, professional activities and other events will also be organized for the benefit of festival-goers.

The festival

The Rabat-Comedy International Film Festival is the first film festival in Africa and in the Muslim world exclusively dedicated to comedy. The festival offers an opportunity for unique feature and short comedy films from around the globe, to compete and share their messages. In addition to the official competition, special screenings are also organized as well as meetings with film directors, actors and other professionals. The festival offers also training sessions and master classes related to comedy in cinema.

Sponsors and partners